One Village Green North, Suite 114, Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360

One Village Green North, Suite 114, Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360

Our Story

From our family table to yours.

Stuzzi embodies the enchanting amalgamation of a cafe and sweet shop, woven together by a captivating small town family narrative. Our establishment distinguishes itself through three principal offerings: delectable chocolate, handcrafted gelato, and expertly brewed espresso beverages. While we pay homage to the sentimental allure of penny-style treats, it is not the focal point of our enterprise. At the core of Stuzzi Sweet Shop & Cafe lie four essential products. Foremost is our signature chocolate, a tradition meticulously upheld by our family for over 35 years. We also evoke childhood nostalgia with candies reminiscent of the cherished penny candy era. Our artisanal gelato caters to both the youthful and the young at heart, ensuring a gratifying treat for all tastes. Lastly, our impeccably brewed coffee and espresso drinks serve as ideal companions to the sumptuous chocolate and delightful ice cream we proudly present. Stuzzi transcends being merely a place of indulgence; it stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and the enduring joy encapsulated in every delightful bite and sip.

The Dreams We Have Won’t Die, Ever 

Dave harbored a lifelong dream of owning a business centered around customer service, and my connection to the world of sweets began with my mom’s homemade chocolates, which evolved into a small shop. My sister and I learned the art of chocolate-making from her, and two decades ago, as a stay-at-home mom transitioning back to the workforce, I crafted chocolates for holidays. However, my IT career took precedence, and I paused my sweet pursuits. Meanwhile, my sister passed on the tradition to her daughter, and they now operate their own home-based chocolate business. The desire to own a sweet shop lingered for years, visualizing it in various locations, but circumstances weren’t quite right. Now, with both time and circumstances aligning, my husband shares my excitement for the venture. The dream that has simmered for 20 years is finally ready to be realized.

The Idea A Reality

The inception of STUZZi unfolded during a leisurely afternoon at the Beer Garden on the village green, where Dave and I noticed a vacant shop across the street. The idea of opening a sweet shop in that prime spot took root, and our dream began to materialize.

Christina and David

Decisions, Decision, Decision

Deliberating on what our business would entail, the decision to offer fine chocolate was a given. We also decided to include penny candy-style offerings, inspired by my cherished childhood memories of selecting candies with my siblings and friends. This nostalgic touch aimed to create a space where new happy memories could be made. Anticipating the summer slump in chocolate sales, we explored Super Premium Ice Cream but ultimately settled on the exquisite offerings of artisan gelato, discovered through a chance encounter with Giuliana at a food show. Captivated by her passion, we decided to focus exclusively on gelato.

A Place To Call Home

Recognizing the need for a year-round draw, we turned to the ever-popular beverage—coffee. High-quality espresso and coffee drinks from Speedwell Coffee, a locally roasted gem, became an integral part of our plan. Pinehills became our chosen location, and our business plan fell into place. As for the name STUZZi, its origin and significance unfold in another captivating story, a unique element that adds to the intrigue of our sweet venture. The dream that began with a for lease sign now takes shape as STUZZi, a place where fine chocolates, nostalgic candies, artisan gelato, and exceptional coffee converge to create a haven for delightful experiences.

Building on community bonds, fueled by exceptional service –
our foundation for customer delight.

Try some of our Artisan Gelato

Where We Stand

At the heart of Stuzzi’s business ethos lies a dedicated commitment to delivering premium sweets and coffee of the highest quality. Our ultimate goal is to kindle satisfaction and happiness in every customer we serve, crafting an experience that goes beyond indulgence to create lasting moments of joy and contentment.

Nestled within the dynamic and thriving community of Pinehills, our sweet venture finds its home amidst a constant flow of people engaged in various activities. Whether it’s running errands, enjoying the beer garden, or simply taking a stroll with pets or children, the village buzzes with life. The strategic proximity to essential amenities like the post office, banks, market, and professional offices positions us as a convenient stop for the vibrant community. Numerous homes and apartments within walking distance make visiting our sweet shop a seamless part of their daily routine. Our primary focus lies on serving Pinehills residents and professionals and understanding their unique needs and preferences. As we establish our presence, the vision expands beyond, aiming to draw in customers from the surrounding areas, transforming our sweet haven into a go-to destination for must-have treats on special occasions.

Our Promise and Commitment

Our commitment to understanding the unique tastes and preferences of our customers will be the driving force behind our ever-evolving offerings. As we embark on this sweet journey, anticipate a dynamic menu where confection flavors undergo delightful transformations. We eagerly welcome and value the input of our customers, actively seeking their suggestions to shape and refine our recipes. In this collaborative culinary adventure, the voices of our patrons play a crucial role in creating a menu that not only satisfies but exceeds their expectations.

Mother Knows Best

Our business narrative unfolds with the rich background of my mother, Stephanie, who boasts a lengthy career dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service in the realm of food service. Taking charge of the day-to-day operations, Stephanie brings a wealth of expertise to ensure a seamless and delightful experience for our customers. Meanwhile, I will be the artisan behind our delectable chocolates, pouring passion into every creation. Dave, aptly bestowed with the title of “Marshmallow Master,” will craft the perfect marshmallows to complement our sweet offerings. Together, we form a dynamic team committed to not only creating exquisite treats but also fostering an inviting atmosphere. As the faces of our venture, Stephanie, Dave, and I will personally welcome our customers, aiming to make each interaction memorable and leaving them with a genuine desire to return.

In the enchanting world of our business, surrounded by the sweet aroma of chocolate, it’s hard not to find joy in every moment. The allure of working with chocolate is not just a job; it’s a delightful journey filled with happiness, creativity, and the satisfaction of crafting moments of indulgence for our cherished customers.

Try some of our roasted coffee
A Sweet Teat Awaits

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