One Village Green North, Suite 114, Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360

One Village Green North, Suite 114, Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360

Drip & Brewed Coffee

Classic and Traditional

Drip & Brewed Coffee

Brewed to the Last Drop
The traditional and familiar Drip & Brewed Coffee is made by percolating hot water through coarsely ground coffee beans. This method results in a milder and straightforward coffee flavor, perfect for those who appreciate a classic and uncomplicated cup of joe.

Allergen Notification

This establishment employs ingredients such as wheat, egg, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, and sesame. It is essential to note that our standard operational procedures entail the utilization of shared cooking and preparation spaces, inclusive of common tempering equipment and chocolate enrobing processes. Consequently, there is a potential for food items to come into contact with other products that may contain allergenic components.

Given these operational circumstances, we regret to inform you that we cannot provide an absolute assurance that any item produced within our facility can be entirely free of allergens.

Things that pair well with a drip & brewed coffee

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Our signature dark roast profile, Nor’Easter delivers a full bodied cup highlighted by familiar dark chocolate notes. We take this coffee into second crack and end the roast as the natural sugars in the coffee are caramelizing, and when the coffee is a chestnut color. The oils on the exterior of the coffee have not yet been forced to surface. This is where we still maintain some of the sweetness and acidity inherent in the coffees, and also develop the distinct roasty notes that dark roast drinkers enjoy.

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